Glass Philosophy

Discovering that heat, fire, and breath can combine to produce the object in mind has fueled my glass career.

The main focus of my work is to explore the contrasts in color and surface – light/dark, opaque/transparent, glossy/matte – these are all common themes in my work.  Patterns are a specific interest of mine as well.  The most recent is the diverse, striking patterns that are represented in the “Modelli” and “Barca” pieces.  The “Modelli” are tall, sleek and slightly oval shapes with a distinct, rich opaque pattern intersected with a bright transparent line, that allows light to shine through.  The “Barca” are pieces that remind me of when I was a kid – I loved to build models, the plastic kit kind – cars, boats, airplanes.  I was always intrigued how some of the boats and planes were displayed, on a fin or a stand that allowed them to stand or float above the table.

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